Daniels McGowan inc - International Trade, Finance and Management
We are a international  consulting firm specializing in import/export trade financing and facilitation.with offices that are strategically located in San Antonio and Miami Florida as well as London, U.K.  The Port of Houston provides marine trade facilities serving the world and San Antonio is the acknowledged gateway to Mexico, Central and South America.  We re-opened our London office after an absence of some 9 years and are excited about the business that is developing there for our American clients.

Some of the Services we provide:
  • Development to fit specific international requirements
  • International Information Services
  • Trade financing facilities. 
  • Due diligence on  international businesses
  •  Finding and Developing Markets for your Products
Breaking News:
Richard Daniels, CEO  of Daniels McGowan Inc,was designated as a Member of the Texas  District Export Council by  Penny Pritzker, the Secretary of Commerce of the United States. His term continues under Seretary Ross and his current term will end in December 31, 2019.          
                              Houston/San Antonio - London

Houston/San Antonio telephone: 01-281-616-5133
London telephone:  44+203-289-0854
Fax:  01-210-697-0742
DANIELS MCGOWAN INC is a consulting company  and does not engage in the practice of law or accountancy nor do any of the principals of the company.
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